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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Joy campaign. Nominations are now closed. We received hundreds of touching stories about the heroes in our community and are happy to share a few of the stories below of our winners. We are thrilled to be part of such an active community of volunteers and hope everyone will continue spreading joy in 2015. Happy Holidays.

Day 1 Winner: Julie W.

Julie has been an Immanuel hospital charitable foundation board member for almost a decade. She was instrumental in the building of the hospitals rehab center, probably the finest in Nebraska. She also serves on the advisory board for the new Hope Lodge for cancer patients families.

Day 2 Winner: Andy M.

Andy is an awesome youth group leader at our church. He is always upbeat and works with the middle schoolers and high schoolers. I have seen Andy work with special needs kids and he always lifts them up and accepts them for who they are. He takes a lot of time with kids too.

Day 3 Winner: Rita B.

Rita works with special needs junior high children . She is selfless in her kindness and volunteers her own personal funds to buy materials, so her students can benefit . She offers them a vast type of projects, which makes them smile despite difficulty.

Day 4 Winner: Catherine K.

Cathy brings joy to everyone she comes in contact with. Regardless of working at Boys Town training new staff or volunteering at St Elizabeth Ann or at the Pro Sanctity Center, she takes the time to talk and listen to those she comes in contact with. Everyone feels special when they are with her.

Day 5 Winner: Helen S.

She helping with her granddaughters who are 3, 9, and 16 she also is taking care of family members one who has emphysema and another who has mobility issues. She also steps up to help others all the time. She is almost 60 and NEVER does anything for her self and never has.

Day 6 Winner: Jana R.

Jana is a 3rd grade teacher at Gretna Elementary. She spends countless hours adapting her lessons to make sure everyone in her classroom is successful. She goes out of her way to help students outside of her class and always puts the kids first. She is an inspiration to the community!

Day 7 Winner: Barbe H.

Barbe is very active in the Omaha community. She was in charge of the Share Program for over six years. She volunteers at Cody Elementary School conducting a weekly award program for kids that excel in their class. She has served as an Elder at Faith Christian Church for over four years.

Day 8 Winner: Janice W.

Janice & her husband look out for the homeless people in our community. They are always taking clothing, blankets & food to the various shelters in Omaha. Last year they helped a homeless veteran get back on his feet. He now has his own apartment and is self sufficient thanks to these great people.

Day 9 Winner: Dawn S.

Dawn is a loving mother of 7 children, works a part-time job, is the president of the church board of education, teaches CCD at church, and does a lot to help her father-in-law who suffers from Alzheimers disease. She lives a life of sacrifice and gives her time to others with love and joy.

Day 10 Winner: Matt W.

Matt is a pediatric PT for Blair Community Schools helping kids with disabilities. He's always putting the kiddos first, and recently went out of his way to order and ship a new walker for a boy who didn't even live in the district anymore. All of the kids love Mr. Matt as much as he loves them.